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Air Conditioning Repair in Columbia

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Service That Exceeds Your Air Conditioning Repair Expectations in South Carolina!

Since our inception, Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling has been committed to offering quality service and air conditioner repair for South Carolina. Throughout the years we have held steadfast in our goal to stand heads above our competition in the South Carolina air conditioner service and repair industry. Family-owned, we employ well-trained, courteous employees with the same commitment to all of our customers. In an age of faxes, mobile phones and voicemails, Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling still believes the best approach to business is a personal touch as well as professional ability. While some in the industry look for the quick fix, our air conditioner techs are trained to provide you with real solutions to your air conditioning problems. For fast, friendly, air conditioning service and repair, count on Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling to provide the premier air conditioning service and repair in South Carolina.

Top Five Air Conditioning Problems in South Carolina

  1. One of the most important duties of an air conditioner is the removal of humidity. The cooling coil converts warm humid air into cool air and water. The water should be collected in a drain pan and subsequently diverted outside of the air conditioned area. Condensation removal is the number one air conditioning and refrigeration malfunction in South Carolina. Our annual air conditioning service plans make sure this isn’t a problem for your unit by checking, and if necessary clearing, the air conditioning condensation line.
  2. The outdoor section of an air conditioner rejects the hot air removed from the house. Anything that hinders this process will lower the efficiency and capacity of the unit. Common barriers that diminish efficiency and capacity are dust, pollen, grass clippings and plants with broad leaves. Many times, the clogged up condenser coil will reach a point where the unit stops cooling completely. This will obviously shorten the life of the cooling equipment.
  3. Another common problem is when something causes the refrigerant charge to become out of balance. This can cause icing to occur. This may be an air-flow issue such as a failed fan motor, a crushed or improperly sized pipe or simply a dirty air filter. Icing can occur from improper or a low refrigerant charge, which could indicate a leaking system. Air conditioning does not use refrigerant like a car uses gasoline. The refrigerant lasts forever, so if a unit needs additional refrigerant, some has obviously escaped.
  4. Always check to see if the breakers are in the ‘on’ position before calling for assistance. All breakers should be marked, especially the one(s) that control the cooling equipment. Sometimes a breaker may not be flipped all the way to the ‘on’ position, so turn it off and reset it to the ‘on’ position firmly. Storms and low voltage along with high power demands are common reasons that a breaker has tripped. Many times, this is the only problem and needs to be the first thing checked.
  5. Keeping air vents clear is a must. Placing items in front of air conditioning vents can cause a strain on the system due to poor air flow.

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