The heat and humidity of summer have transitioned into cooler, more comfortable autumn weather. Cold temperatures will soon be here in Irmo, SC, which means that it’s time to start thinking about a new heating system to keep you warm this winter. Read on to learn about which type of heating installation is the best for your Irmo area home.


A furnace uses electricity, natural gas or propane to heat air. A fan, called a forced-air system, blows the heated air through ducts and vents that open into your living areas. Modern furnaces are up to 98% efficient at converting fuel into heat. A gas-powered furnace must have a way to ventilate the byproducts of combustion. If you choose a gas-powered furnace, you’ll need to install carbon monoxide detectors. Furnaces are an excellent choice for places with moderate to frigid winter weather.

Radiant Heat

According to Smarter House, radiant floor heating systems circulate warm air through tubes placed under your floor. You can turn them on or off with a switch, so you only need to use them when you’re cold. They’re expensive to install, but they’re also energy-efficient. If you choose this heating system, your flooring options will be limited. They work with tile and engineered flooring but not carpet.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient option for heating installation in moderate climates like Irmo’s. They’re two-way air conditioners. They transfer heat from one place to another. In the winter, they transfer heat from the outdoors into your home. They can bring in three to four units of heat energy for each unit of electricity they consume. There are air-source, water-source and geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps have the highest energy efficiency and lowest operating costs, but they also have higher heating installation fees.

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