Even though most manufacturers recommend changing your HVAC filter every three months, there are plenty of reasons to change it monthly in your Columbia, South Carolina, home. Here are just a few reasons to change the filter more often.

Excessive Dust

Have you noticed dust accumulating around the vents, on walls, and on your furnishings? It’s probably time to check your HVAC filter. Clogged or dirty filters have a harder time removing dust and other pollutants from the air, so there’s nowhere else for the dust to go. Plus, if you allow your HVAC filter to become clogged, it could result in system damage. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and replace your HVAC filter monthly.


If you or someone else in the home suffers from asthma or allergies, changing the filter once every three months probably won’t cut it. Clean, breathable air is a primary concern for allergy sufferers. Upgrade to a better-quality air filter that can trap minuscule pollutants like dust, pet dander, bacteria, and chemicals, and swap it out once a month. You may also consider adding an HVAC product designed to boost indoor air quality, such as a whole-home air cleaner.

Damaged Filter

Even if you don’t change your HVAC filter monthly, it’s still a good idea to inspect it once a month for any signs of clogs or damage. If the filter looks dirty or damaged, don’t put off its replacement any longer. If it still looks clean, check it again in a couple of weeks for any accumulated dirt or dust. Once you notice any grime accumulated on the filter, it’s time to replace it. Also, if you notice any signs of wrinkles, holes, or tears, replace the filter immediately because damage can compromise the system’s airflow.

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