Allergy triggers are a common problem during the holiday season. It’s essential to know the common holiday allergy triggers in your Irmo, South Carolina, home to keep your family safe and comfortable. Here are five common holiday allergy triggers to help you protect your family this holiday season.


The holidays are awash with different delicacies from the exotic to the traditional. They also provide many opportunities to go out to eat. However, you’re not in control of the ingredients in your meals when eating out. It is important to watch what you eat during this period to avoid triggering allergies.


The dander from your dog or cat can trigger allergies. If you have pet allergies, an easy way to prevent triggers is to use an air purifier to improve indoor air quality.


Holiday decorations often contain irritants such as dust and biological growth that can trigger allergic reactions. If your decorations have pores or surfaces over which particles can settle, you might be at risk. It’s best to buy washable, nonporous decorations and store them in sealed containers or bags after the holidays.

Christmas Trees

Natural Christmas trees provide a safe habitat for biological irritants such as dust and other allergy hazards. Artificial trees sprayed with harsh chemicals may also pose risks if you are allergic to these substances. To avoid an unpleasant experience, it is important to keep your holiday trees clean regardless of the source.

Dust Mites

These irritants are available year-round, but their effect is more pronounced during the holidays because of the damp air. More people also become exposed to dust mites during this season because they spend time in other people’s beds and hotels.

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