As winter nears, Irmo, South Carolina, homeowners are getting their furnaces ready for cold weather. If your furnace is old and inefficient, you may be considering a new furnace installation. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when buying a new furnace.

Fuel Type

Furnaces are powered by natural gas, oil, propane or electricity. Gas furnaces are the most common because gas is readily available, economical, energy efficient and clean. However, if you live in a rural setting, you may not have access to gas. Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling has served area residents since 2008. We can suggest energy-efficient furnaces that are powered by fuels convenient for you.


Size is important for energy efficiency and comfort. An undersized furnace will not heat your home properly. Oversized units cycle frequently, which wears out components more quickly. In addition, larger units cost more to purchase and may require larger ducts.

For the best performance, heating installations must be done carefully. Our technicians use industry standards to calculate the size of furnace that is correct for your home. This calculation includes the size of your home, amount of insulation, local weather, orientation of the building and number of doors and windows. Improperly installed systems require more repairs and may not last as long. Our NATE-certified technicians have the technological expertise to properly size and install equipment.


New heat pumps, air conditioners and gas and oil furnaces must meet federal energy efficient standards. For southern states, new gas furnaces must have an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of at least 90% and oil furnaces must have AFUEs of at least 85 percent. AFUE indicates how efficiently a furnace converts fuel to heat. An AFUE of 85 percent means that 85 percent of the fuel is converted to heat and 15 percent of the energy is lost. Energy Star rated furnaces achieve AFUEs as high as 98.5 percent.

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