The chilly Columbia cold fronts are about to start. Get your heating system ready for winter now, and you won’t have to worry later. Here’s what you need to do:

Schedule Heating Maintenance

If you do nothing else, give your heater a professional tune-up. This comprehensive service can restore your heating system to an almost-new condition. Studies conclusively show that heater maintenance increases energy efficiency and can prevent up to 95 percent of HVAC breakdowns. It also keeps equipment warranties in good standing.

Assess Your Heater’s Probable Lifespan

The last thing you want is a heater that goes out during a polar vortex and can’t be revived. This is most likely to happen if your heater is between 15 and 20 years old. If the unit has been poorly maintained, it might not even reach its average life expectancy. Investing in a heating replacement now can eliminate the aggravation and discomfort of performing a heating installation during bad weather.

Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

Change ceiling fan rotation from counterclockwise to a clockwise direction. That allows the fan to blow warm air down to the floor where you can feel it. Ceiling fans can increase indoor comfort while reducing wear and tear on your heater.

Perform a Trial Run

Before you schedule maintenance, turn on your heater and let it run for a while. You should be able to tell if there are any issues before your home becomes an oven. The unit should fire up smoothly and churn out enough heat to reach and maintain the thermostat setting. If anything seems off, your heating technician can take a look during your maintenance visit.

The heating technicians at Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling can prime your heater for efficient and effective performance all winter. Call us today to learn more about our heating services.