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Heating Repair Experts in Columbia

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Service That Exceeds Your Heating Repair Expectations in South Carolina!

Since our inception, Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling has been committed to offering quality service and air conditioner repair for South Carolina. Throughout the years we have held steadfast in our goal to stand heads above our competition in the South Carolina air conditioner service and repair industry. Family-owned, we employ well-trained, courteous employees with the same commitment to all of our customers. In an age of faxes, mobile phones and voicemails, Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling still believes the best approach to business is a personal touch as well as professional ability. While some in the industry look for the quick fix, our air conditioner techs are trained to provide you with real solutions to your air conditioning problems. For fast, friendly, air conditioning service and repair, count on Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling to provide the premier air conditioning service and repair in South Carolina.

Top Five Heating Problems in South Carolina

  1. Heat pumps transfer heat from outdoors to inside during the heat cycle. In certain conditions, such as 39 degrees and misting rain, it is normal for ice to build up on the outdoor section. This ice should be removed during the defrost cycle approximately once per hour of run time. Thick, solid ice represents a problem. Steam covering the unit is a normal occurrence and is not a heating or repair concern.
  2. On gas heating equipment, sometimes the gas in the line can deteriorate from having the sun shine on it all summer. Periodic running of the equipment will alleviate this problem. Restricted air flow on heater units can cause overheating and stopped-up safety ducts on gas equipment. Keep registers and grilles unobstructed and filters changed to avoid costly heater repairs and possible safety issues.
  3. Attic insulation is probably one of the simplest and best things to check in your house. The better insulated your home is the less work your heating unit will need to do. Less strain on your heater means less heating repairs over time.
  4. Your duct system is the delivery part of your heating equipment. Any air that gets in or out at the wrong places is going to affect performance and energy use. We now use R8-rated duct insulation, which is superior to older duct insulation commonly rated as R6 or R.
  5. Brown-paper-backed insulation indicates pre-1970 duct insulation. Even though many of these exhibit great workmanship, they can be a major source of efficiency loss. Proper ductwork can lead to a healthier heating system and, with a proper service plan, can help you avoid those costly heating repairs that always come at the wrong time.

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