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Indoor Air Quality Systems

Indoor Air Quality Systems2018-02-21T00:28:28+00:00

We Install Efficient Indoor Air Quality Systems in Columbia

At Cassell Brothers Heating and Cooling in Columbia, we understand that the indoor air quality of your home is important. Because dust mites, pet dander, cleaning chemicals and even the materials used to make household furnishings can leave pollutants in your home, the IAQ (indoor air quality) can decrease. The good news is that we have a solution. With HVAC system installation, proper air filters and UV lights, the quality of the air in your home can greatly improve.

Trane® CleanEffects™ Filtration

One of the options you have for your air filtration system is Trane® CleanEffects™. This system gets rid of allergens in the home by trapping larger particles in a pre-filter and then electrically charging any smaller particles that were able to get through. With the lowest pressure drop and a success rate that is 8x more effective than other air filters, this offers the highest efficiency to clean your air.

UV Lights and Media Filters

Something you may not know is that UV lights can kill microbes. Bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses can be wiped out when these lights are installed in the home. There are different styles and ways to install them, with single-bulb and dual-bulb options. In addition to lights, it’s important to check media filters. The right type of media will ensure proper functioning of the HVAC system, making it more effective at keeping the IAQ high. If the media has a lower resistance level, air flow will not need to be at an all-time high to be efficient, thus saving you in energy bills.

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