Gas Lines Repair and Replacement

Gas leaks are serious business. At Cassell Brothers, we don’t just work with water leaks that may require faucet replacement and repair; we’re full-service plumbing experts, which means we can also find and fix gas leaks in The Midlands homes.

What to Do in Case of a Gas Leak

A gas leak can potentially put the lives of a homeowner and their family in danger, which is why one has to be taken seriously. A gas leak is an emergency, and it’s vital to respond immediately and leave the household right away.

Natural gas doesn’t have an odor, which is very dangerous when gas lines or gas appliances begin to leak. Fortunately, gas companies have started to add a chemical called mercaptan to natural gas. This chemical makes gas smell like rotten eggs, so it’s noticeable if a leak occurs.

Anyone who smells gas inside should:

  • Get people outside as soon as possible
  • Avoid adjusting the temperature, flipping light switches, or using any kind of flame in the household
  • Take the stairs rather than an elevator (if one is present in the home or building)

After the property is vacated, the gas leak should be reported to the 24-hour emergency service provided by the natural gas company.

Gas Line Repair is NOT a DIY Project

Always call your local gas company or a professional, licensed plumber (such as Cassell Brothers Home Services) if you suspect a gas leak.

Natural gas is odorless. Your local gas company adds a strong-smelling, sulfuric odor to natural gas to help residents identify gas leaks when they occur. If you notice this odor, your safety — and the safety of your family — are the paramount concern. Leave the building immediately and notify the gas company of a potential leak.

Natural Gas Leaks Repairs and Replacement

As with the water lines running from your water meter to your house, the gas lines that run from the gas meter into your home are your responsibility. If there are any problems with those gas lines, they could be the result of broken pipes. Regardless of the reason, the homeowner is fully liable for all repairs and maintenance of gas lines that run from the meter to the home.

Many factors can result in gas leaks or other problems with your gas lines, including poor installation, age, and pressure, or inadequately durable pipe.

Choose a Professional for Gas Line Repairs and Replacements

It’s important to choose a professional for gas line repairs and replacements, such as our expert plumbers at Cassell Brothers. They understand how to work on the gas line and how to read the gas meter to be sure the line is working correctly. Whether the home has gas heaters or gas appliances, all the lines need to be checked to be sure they’re in good condition and to help prevent future leaks.
Hiring a professional helps ensure a gas leak won’t occur due to poor-quality repairs or improperly installed gas lines and pipes, helping give those who live on-site peace of mind.

Call the Gas Lines Replacement and Repair Experts

If you live in the The Midlands area and need your natural gas lines repaired/replaced, or if you simply have a question about the safety of your home’s gas lines, now is the time to call Cassell Brothers Home Services.

We offer expert service, highly trained technicians, and a commitment to excellence that few can match. Call us today to learn more.

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