We Install Efficient Indoor Air Quality Systems in Columbia

At Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling in Columbia, we understand that the indoor air quality of your home is important. Because dust mites, pet dander, cleaning chemicals and even the materials used to make household furnishings can leave pollutants in your home, the IAQ (indoor air quality) can decrease. The good news is that we have a solution. With HVAC system installation, proper air filters and UV lights, the quality of the air in your home can greatly improve.

How We Handle Indoor Quality Problems

We understand that your highest priority is keeping your family strong and healthy. That’s why we’ve developed a complete IAQ strategy designed to remove harmful contaminants so the air inside your home stays clean and fresh smelling.

  • Trane® CleanEffects™Filtration: This system gets rid of allergens in the home by trapping larger particles in a pre-filter and then electrically charging any smaller particles that were able to get through. With the lowest pressure drop and a success rate that is 8x more effective than other air filters, this offers the highest efficiency to clean your air.
  • Air Humidifiers: Humidification is necessary to keep utility costs down and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Dry air allows contaminants to stay airborne longer, which can aggravate symptoms in those with respiratory ailments. Central humidifiers will also keep your skin supple and eliminate static electricity.
  • UV Lights and Media Filters: Bacteria, fungus and viruses can be wiped out when these lights are installed in the home. There are different styles and ways to install them, with single-bulb and dual-bulb options. In addition to lights, it’s important to check media filters. The right type of media will ensure proper functioning of the HVAC system, making it more effective at keeping the IAQ high. If the media has a lower resistance level, airflow won’t need to be at an all-time high to be efficient, thus saving you in energy bills.

Why Healthy Indoor Air Quality Matters

When the air inside your home is healthy, your entire family will benefit from the following:

  • Better Health: Lowering airborne pollutants can provide relief for those suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Better HVAC Equipment Performance: The gunk in the air eventually gets sucked into your HVAC system and attaches itself to vital internal system components. This forces your equipment to work harder, resulting in higher utility bills, costly repairs and a shorter lifecycle.
  • Less Cleaning: Dust in the air will eventually settle on your fixtures, counters and floors. When your new IAQ system is working, you won’t have to clean as often, and obnoxious smells won’t linger anymore.

We’re the Indoor Air Quality Experts

Indoor air quality is recognized by the EPA as one of the top five environmental hazards. Let the professionals at Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling design an IAQ system that will clear the air of harmful contaminants and nasty smells. Call today and let one of our friendly representatives answer all your questions about our indoor air quality services. Our service area includes Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, SC and the surrounding areas.