Older heaters are inefficient, which makes them costly to operate. If your heat pump or furnace is more than 10 years old, it’s probably time to consider buying a newer model equipped with all the latest comfort, convenience and efficiency features. We design every new central heating system to maintain an even temperature throughout your home.

We use the latest design techniques that account for the impact of doors, windows, insulation and envelope tightness on the total load. Your equipment will be sized to provide the precise amount of heating required to keep you comfortable while maximizing efficiency.

Signs you might need a heating repair:

Even with proper care and maintenance, furnaces have a limited lifespan. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to consider a new unit:

  • The air coming through the vents is not as warm as it should be
  • Some rooms in the house are warmer than others
  • Your utility bills are higher than they should be
  • You hear loud and/or strange sounds coming from your furnace
  • The pilot light for your furnace is yellow instead of blue

Our Services

  • Repair: Whether you require minor repairs or an emergency fix, we will take care of it. Our technicians are experienced in thoroughly and accurately inspecting and repairing all brands.
  • Replacement: If the system can’t be repaired, or you would like to simply upgrade your unit, we will offer you the best solution that fits your needs and budget.
  • Installation: Our quality workmanship will ensure efficient and lasting performance.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance will ensure your unit lasts for years to come.

Fully Stocked Trucks

Before our NATE-certified technicians leave for any job, we check to make sure that our service vehicles are fully stocked. By filling our vehicles with many kinds of parts we eliminate unnecessary trips back to our facilities. This is a small but important step in ensuring that we always put the clients first.


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Home Services In the Midlands


Since our inception, Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling has been committed to offering quality service and HVAC installations in the Midlands. Family-owned, we employ well-trained, courteous employees with the same commitment to all of our customers. Whether it’s a repair or a new installation, you can count on Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling to provide premier heating and air conditioning services in the Midlands.

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Expert Heating & Cooling

Whether you are in need of a new installation or a repair for your existing unit, put your trust in our expert technicians. We take the time to listen to your needs and will assess your space to advise which type of unit is the right fit for you and your family.

Some of the services that we offer include upgrading the comfort systems on older homes, fixing new home systems that don’t work, explaining and providing indoor air quality options, repairing existing comfort systems and inspecting existing set-ups before you purchase a new home.

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