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Get peace of mind when you buy emergency standby generators in from . Never worry about what will happen when the power goes out again!

Do you get anxious when you think about what might happen to your home and your family if lightning takes out one of your power lines? Or what if a big storm with a lot of wind comes through and the power is out for days?

Your Home The Midlands Generator Experts

Save yourself the hassle of having to leave home, find an overpriced hotel room, and hope your house survives. With one of our whole home generators, you can back up your entire home or just the essential circuits. Keep the power on, the comfort systems running, and your life more or less as normal, no matter how hard the winds blow outside.

Even if the power is only out for a little while, you could get uncomfortable without your air conditioning and lose all of the food in your refrigerator and freezer! Your emergency standby generator will take over automatically, so the power will stay on even if you aren’t home when it goes out.

The Types of Generators and How to Choose One for My Home

There are three main types of home generators. These include:

  1. Whole-house generators
  2. Portable generators
  3. Inverter generators

The correct type of generator for you could be a whole-house generator or an inverter generator, depending on how much power you’ll need.
If you want to power your entire home in case of power loss, it’s a good idea to have a whole-house generator on standby. This generator provides power for your appliances and HVAC system, so your home stays in a fairly normal operating status.
An inverter generator may also be nice to have on hand, as it can be used to power smaller items, such as portable heaters, fans, smartphones, and lights. They don’t usually run for as long a time as whole-house generators, though, and they aren’t designed to run major systems in the home.

How Do Home Generators Work?

Whole home generators usually have gas combustion engines. The fuel type may be natural gas or liquid propane, depending on the unit purchased.
The unit is tied into the home’s electrical system. When it’s powered on, it fires up and starts creating energy that’s converted to electricity. This feeds into a home directly, keeping it working even when a power outage has occurred and all power from the grid has been lost.
Not all standby generators are made the same, so the number of items a unit can power depends on how it’s wired and its overall capabilities. Some smaller units can power refrigerators or HVAC units, for example, while others can power the entire house without any problem at all.
To have a whole-house generator installed, a licensed electrician and gas plumber must come to your home. They’ll work together to connect a freestanding generator to the home’s personal electric grid and electrical panel, so it can be toggled on and off easily.
If the generator is a natural gas generator and the home has a gas supply, it can be attached to that gas supply directly. That way, there’s no need to have the unit supplied with gas via propane tanks or other methods.
It usually takes only a few minutes for the generator to get up and running. Before powering up, the generator will be sure it sensed an actual power outage and not just a minor disruption. After it’s triggered into action, it takes a few more minutes to get up to speed and deliver all available power to your home.

Home Generator Remote Monitoring

Many of the generators that we install in the The Midlands area provide remote monitoring capabilities, too. Keep an eye on what your power is doing and how your generator is helping from near or far. Just download an app on your phone or computer and keep track of your generator whenever you need to. It can also notify you when maintenance is needed, run regular tests, and track the service that’s been performed.

Home Generator Financing in The Midlands

If financing is your go-to, you can see the financing options that Cassell Brothers Home Services has available for all your electrical needs.

We are located in The Midlands, but we can install a generator for you in all of the surrounding areas, too. Give us a call today and we’ll send out an expert to help you figure out which of our whole home generators might be right for you. We’ll assess your needs, then let you know what it will take to get you this kind of peace of mind, all the time.

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