Indoor Air Quality and Air Purification Services in The Midlands


Air Purification and Indoor Air Quality Services

Your heating and cooling systems generate large amounts of conditioned air yearly, carrying with it bacteria and viruses that can get stuck on the HVAC equipment. These microscopic particles may be carried into your home through your HVAC system, leading to dust build-up and potential health concerns for you and your family.

At Cassell Brothers, we offer comprehensive indoor air quality and purification services in The Midlands and surrounding areas, including UV germicidal light installation, sanitizing services for HVAC equipment, and air purification.

If you’re concerned about your HVAC system’s cleanliness and are seeking to purify the air in your home, our sanitization services will leave your HVAC system spotless and free of harmful particles.

Air Quality Testing for South Carolina Residents

Finding the source of your home’s poor indoor air quality is the first step in evaluating your air purification needs. Our specialists at Cassell Brothers will perform a full audit to determine what contaminants are present in your home, as well as what pollutants may pose the greatest risk to your family’s health and safety.

As part of our air quality testing and evaluation, our team will check for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We also perform full mold testing for homeowners in The Midlands to ensure your home is free from harboring hidden mold spores or other harmful mildew.

High-Quality Air Purifiers in South Carolina

Air purifiers effectively eliminate both inert pollutants, like dust and pollen, as well as living pollutants like mold, bacteria, and viruses. Eliminating these harmful materials from your indoor air is highly beneficial for your respiratory health and overall comfort.

Since air purifiers can be easily installed at your air handler, they can effectively filter out damaging pollutants without impeding airflow or increasing your energy bill. The versatility and ease of installation make air purifiers an ideal solution for almost any indoor air quality issue.

Dust build-up or increased sensitivity to certain allergens are all telltale signs that you may need help in improving your home’s indoor air quality. If you live in South Carolina and want to enjoy cleaner, healthier air, call Cassell Brothers today to learn more about our air purifier installation services.

South Carolina’s Leading AC Sanitation Services

In addition to air purifiers, we provide AC sanitation services for residents of South Carolina. While air filters and purifiers are effective at cleaning indoor air, they cannot address the contamination that may already exist within your HVAC system. 

Certain HVAC equipment, such as air ducts, may carry bacteria or viruses into your home. To eliminate any harsh contaminants, one of the best solutions is to sanitize all heating and cooling equipment at the source, allowing for cleaner, healthier air.

Indoor Air Quality Services in South Carolina

Improving your home’s indoor air quality has never been easier or more effective with Cassell Brothers’ air purification and HVAC sanitization services. Our air quality experts will assess your system and provide your home with the right solutions for your needs.

For the best indoor air quality services in The Midlands area, contact Cassell Brothers Home Services and schedule an appointment.

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