Drain Cleaning Services in The Midlands

Clogged drains and toilets can quickly lead to larger plumbing problems if not addressed as soon as possible. Rather than relying on at-home remedies for major clogs and drain blockages, it’s best to call a professional plumber to ensure reliable drain cleaning and repair services.

Whether located in the kitchen or bathroom, Cassell Brothers offers both residential and commercial drain cleaning services in The Midlands.

When to Call a Plumber for a Clogged Drain

When a clogged sink, shower, or toilet doesn’t respond to a plunger, plumber snake, or other at-home remedy, it is time to call a professional plumber. While minor clogs may be easily solved with these measures, trying to fix a major clog yourself may only lead to more serious plumbing issues.

A licensed company like Cassell Brothers knows how to tackle difficult clogs and has the expertise to get your plumbing up and running smoothly again.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing in South Carolina 

A clogged sink is a frequent kitchen plumbing issue, as it can develop gradually and unexpectedly. The accumulation of grease, food particles, dish soap, and detergent can form a buildup inside the drain pipes, causing slow drainage or a complete blockage of your plumbing fixture.

Our skilled plumbers use specialized equipment to safely and effectively clear any clog without damaging your sink. Additionally, if your faucets require replacement, our team can assist with that, as well. Never let a clogged drain worsen; call Cassell Brothers for all your kitchen sink plumbing needs in South Carolina!

Bathroom Plumbing in The Midlands

Soap residue, toothpaste, and hair are all common substances that can accumulate and obstruct your bathroom sink, shower, or tub drains over time. Your toilet drain can also easily become clogged from excessive tissue or other obstructions.

Standing water or water that drains slower than usual are both clear indications of a clog in any of these types of drains. If a plunger or plumber’s snake fails to unclog your bathroom drains, we recommend contacting a licensed plumber to fix the issue and restore proper flow.

Our plumbing technicians at Cassell Brothers will promptly examine your bathroom drains and clear any clogs, restoring them to their optimal function. Contact us today for superior bathroom plumbing in The Midlands.

Kitchen Drains

A clogged kitchen sink is one of the most common problems we fix because the clog can build up slowly and catch the homeowner by surprise. You may notice that your kitchen sink is draining slowly after grease, food particles, dish soap and detergent form a plaque around the inner walls of your drain pipes, eventually stopping them up completely.

Our plumbing technicians will use professional equipment to clear your drain pipes without damage to your sink. And if you end up needing your faucets replaced, our team can help you with that, too.

Bathroom Sink, Shower, or Tub Drains

Shampoo and conditioner, soap residue, dirt, toothpaste, and hair are all substances that can eventually obstruct your bathroom sink, shower, or tub drains. Standing water in your shower is an indicator that your tub or shower drain is clogged. It could also be an indicator of something more serious, such as a broken pipe.

Regardless of the reason, call Cassell Brothers Home Services. Our friendly plumbing technicians will inspect and clean your drains, having them flow like new in no time.


If a plunger or plumber’s snake isn’t enough to clear your toilet drain’s obstruction, you will need to call a licensed plumber to handle your clogged toilet and get it flowing freely again. And before you go as far as replacing your toilet, consider giving our professional drain cleaners a call.

Whether the source of the problem is excess tissue or a curious child’s toy, Cassell Brothers Home Services has the equipment and expertise to fix it quickly.

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